Why Does My Water Smell Like Eggs?

If your water smell like eggs then you might have a problem at hand. But we can get rid of such smell with some methods. An egg smell is a sign that the water is highly contaminated. As we know there are more than 3000 chemicals in the water.
Many times cause behind the unpleasant odour of water within the plumbing system or water supply is the excessive level of sulphur bacteria. The hydrogen sulphide gas gets produced when there is a lack of oxygen and it is also a reason for the foul smell.
If such smell is perceived in hot water tap then the main cause behind it is most likely the chemical reaction. Apart from this, iron bacteria also lead to such problem in hot or warm water as these are the ideal breeding ground for them. There might be some rare occasion of sulphur smell in water due to sewage and other contaminants.
Why Does My Water Smell Like Eggs
Infographic Source: https://alkemergencyplumbers.co.uk/blog/why-does-my-water-smell-like-eggs/

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