Why spend precious time creating resume?

You might have heard a lot of times about benefits of spending time on improving your resume. Here is why you should do it in easy to read visual format. To summarise, three fourth of resumes are rejected by recruiting managers or HR and around 23% get rejected by the hiring managers. This leaves you with only 2% resumes that make it to the interview. This essentially means, making your resume relevant is not only important but a must.

Besides, you only get one minute to prove yourself to a recruiting manager. Spelling / grammar mistakes, poor word selection or confusing information can really throw them off. They have generally made a decision within the first minute of reading your resume.

There are at least 10% of of job seekers who did not hear back from recruiters even after applying to 50 or more job roles. Spray and pray is one of the worst way to apply for a job. You need to spend time and customise your resume to every position that you apply job to.

Why spend precious time creating resume

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