Why Water Reclamation is Critical to Environmental Health

Water reclamation is a necessary step to prevent wastewater from entering our water supply, but most people don’t understand how water reclamation works. Scotts Pressure Wash engages in responsible business practices that focus on limiting the impact of pressure washing on the environment. Water reclamation begins by covering storm drains that may be affected by pressure washing. This prevents dirty water from escaping down the storm drains.
Next, the work area is surrounded with flexible tubes, or berms, that divert and contain the wastewater to a specific area. A vacuum hose that is attached to the berm then sucks the runoff into a storage tank. The dirty water can then be properly disposed of onsite or transported to an approved wastewater disposal facility. Check out this infographic by Scotts Pressure Wash to learn more about our responsible business practices.WATER RECLAMATION

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