Will self-driving cars impact law enforcement?

According to our research, absolutely! In the next 5 years, self-driving cars are going to be owned and operated by a large portion of the population. Aside from the obvious luxury of a non-manual, automated vehicle, this new installment on the road brings improvements to numerous safety standards.
It is anticipated that the number of fatalities comparing human to self-driving cars will decrease at an average of 40%. The majority of car accidents are due to human error from elements of distraction while driving and not obeying the proper speed limit. Self-driving cars will reduce the amount of handed out infractions by law enforcers dramatically, and correct these issues using computerized sensors that use acute pinpoint accuracy when operating. One of the biggest questions around self-driving cars is who will be at fault? Will the automakers need to hire a car accident lawyer or the driver?
This technology ultimately creates a safer environment on roadways throughout America and lowers direct engagement with law officers on patrol. Unless the driver receives an unavoidable traffic citation for things like having defective headlights, lack of registration, or not wearing their seat belt virtually half the reasons for police officers to ticket drivers completely vanish. If there are safer drivers on the road due to self-driving cars this will decrease the amount of revenue state governments are receiving from traffic ticket issued by law enforcement. In fact, this revenue is anticipated to drop 25% by 2030 (that is 1 in 4 cars) as shown in this Self Driving Cars Infographic from Denmon Lawyer.
Self-driving cars will improve the safety of the roadways while severely impacting law enforcement in the process. The infographic above will show in greater detail the statistics and data to back up this future innovation of the road.

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