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5 Wing Chun Training Tools To Increase Punching Power

Workout is not just for the body – it is for the mind, spirit and achieving inner balance as well. Wing Chun is one such martial art that holistically works out the body and mind, along with training students in the pertinent art of self-defense, an indispensable life skill for everyone. Wing Chun trains its students in defending themselves at closed quarters in cramped spaces, perfect for the urban dwellers in over crowded cities of today. To pack a punch in your workout and safety, Wing Chun offers several training tools to increase your punching power. Tools used in Wing Chun training increase stamina, improve posture and help in bone hardening and muscle conditioning. From wall bags to bamboo rings to the powerful butterfly swords, here’s a lucid Infographic by Combative Wing Chun in Canada, doling out the top 5 Wing Chun tools for a powerful punch!

Wing Chun Training Tools

Infographic Source: http://combativewingchun.com/5-wing-chun-training-tools-to-increase-punching-power/

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