5 Basic Principles of Wing Chun

The main aim of Wing Chun Kung Fu is to make you have freer and more relaxed movement. This is achieved through the five principles of center-line, simplicity, facing the point of contact, economy of motion, and forward intention.

You can only attain the high levels of freedom and relaxation and freedom once you are free of the dependence on mechanical body movements to protect yourself, says Moy Yat. The principles of Wing Chun make use of some of the most natural and simple body movements, thus ensuring minimal expenditure of energy.

Besides the five principles enhance your defense and attack by making sure that your motion and posture intensify your focus giving you an advantage in a fight.


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  1. Waaoo!! I am really impressed with your infographic and I am so excited to do these steps. You are define basic wing chun steps in very easy manner and its easy for all. I am a blogger and essay help expert. I will definitely do this and write an essay on it for my readers.

  2. Missing: If the strength of the attacker surmount your own use his energy for your own aims
    if the attacker retreats, follow

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