Work from Home Using the Services of a Self Storage Facility

If you are planning to work from home by starting an e-commerce business but don’t have more space to store, use a Self Storage facility to store your inventory and run your business.

  • Online E-commerce businesses have rapidly grown in Australia during the past 5 to 7 years.
  • Quite a large number of businesses in Australia today use the services of self-storage facilities.
  • A self-storage facility is a good alternative to storing your inventory at your home. You don’t have to worry about fluctuating space requirements anymore for storing your inventory; especially, for start-ups/new businesses, self-storage is a very good option when you are unsure of stock and storage requirements.

What is the Requirement of an E-Commerce Entrepreneur?

  1. Focus: When you use a self-storage facility for storing your inventory, as an e-commerce entrepreneur you can totally focus on your work giving it your undivided attention, which is important to succeed.
  2. Flexible Storage Options:The option of upsizing and downsizing storage as required is an important aspect for every e-commerce business owner. It helps control costs by spending only what you need on storage.
  3. Receipts & Deliveries: Major courier companies visit self-storage facilities daily, which allow deliveries to be received and dispatched every day.
  4. CCTV: Self-Storage facilities have CCTV’s installed for 24-hour monitoring.
  5. Your Own Lock & Key: You’ll have your own lock and key at a self-storage facility. Also, regular lock integrity checks are carried out. And entry to a self-storage is only through a PIN access security gate.
  6. Alarmed Storage Buildings: Storage buildings are alarmed and protected by security lighting and fencing. A lot of self-storage facilities also have individually alarmed units.
  7. Overhead Costs: You’ll be able to keep the operating costs predictable and minimal with no outgoings.
  8. Contact Details: When you provide a valid business address and phone number for your business, it appears more professional to your customers.
  9. Insurance: You may be covered under your home or business contents policy, however, call your insurance company first to confirm if the insurance extends to the items stored at a self-storage facility; in case, they aren’t covered, you can easily take this up through the self-storage company.
  10. Encouragement: Try meeting other entrepreneurs whenever possible. Self-Storage facilities have lots of entrepreneurs frequenting the site. This will not only give you new ideas and insights but also encouragement that you are not alone.
  11. A Cheerful Home Life: Spending your personal time with your family is imperative to relieve stress that will result in higher creativity and performance in your work.

Work from Home

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