Workers’ Compensation Claims from Start to Finish in South Carolina

Workers’ compensation is a kind of mandatory insurance plan that companies in South Carolina, and also most other states in the country, must purchase. The insurance protection is intended to deliver medical treatment coverage as well as wage-replacement money if a working person is harmed at work. It does not obligate the injured worker to prove fault or negligence in order to be eligible for workers’ comp benefits.
If you are injured while doing work in South Carolina, it is necessary that you are aware of your opportunity for bringing a claim and also seeking compensation. A workers’ comp legal representative from Stewart Law Offices can assist you in every step of the claims process.

  • Step 1: Inform Your Employer or Manager Promptly Concerning Your Injury
  • Step 2: Obtain Emergency Attention
  • Step 3: Submit a Written Accident Report with Your Employer
  • Step 4: Reporting the Injury to the SC Workers’ Compensation Commission
  • Step 5: Heed All Treating Physician’s Orders
  • Step 6: Save All Statements, Bills, and Paperwork Related to Your Medical Treatment
  • Step 7: Missed Wage Replacement
  • Step 8: If Your Initial Workers’ Compensation Case Is Rejected
  • Step 9: Identifying Irreversible Partial or Complete Disability
  • Step 10: Negotiating Workers’ Compensation Settlements

The workers’ comp system can be bewildering, especially if you have any type of unusual or novel issues, including:

  • Disagreements about whether your injury is covered
  • Major injuries
  • An employer that does not carry workers’ comp insurance coverage
  • A denied case

We know that pursuing a workers’ compensation insurance claim can be daunting, which is why our legal professionals would like to even the playing field in order to raise your peace of mind. When you contact our law firm, we can assess your case at no cost, with no obligation to you.
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