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Worst Resume Mistakes Job-Seekers Make

Everyone of us will be looking or have been looked for a job. And everyone knows, that to apply for a job, one of the requirements is to prepare perfect resume. We know, that resume is very important and bad resume will decrease your chances to get a job!
Did you know, that people made a lot of mistakes, writing their resumes. Some of mistake are really bad. Such bad mistakes will automatically decrease your chances to zero! But some of mistakes are really funny and sometimes can be your advantage.
We prepared this nice infographic to show you what are bad mistakes people did in their resume, what are the most funniest mistakes people did. Here is statistics which will show you percentage of all mistakes were made in resumes.
Have a look of this infographic and avoid such mistakes in your resume!worst-resume-mistakesInfographic Source: http://www.resumereviewservices.com/resume-review-worst-resume-mistakes-job-seekers-make/

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  1. I have found this post very good and useful for candidates to avoid some resume mistakes . I think Inconsistency also a common mistake that candidates makes in their resume . You have explained so well what to avoid in resume and it will surely helps to build effective resume in current year for getting selected by recruiter.

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