12 Odd But Healthy Foods You Should Be Eating

Some of the most essential vitamins and nutrients you get on a regular basis come from fruits and vegetables. But if you’ve noticed that you’ve been stuck in a rut eating the same healthy foods over and over, you may have noticed a feeling of boredom with your diet. To stay motivated to eat healthy, why not switch things up and try something new? Just a few small steps outside of your comfort zone may garner surprising results. You may even find yourself even more motivated to stick to your diet when you have more healthy foods to choose from.
We’ve created a list of 12 healthy foods that you probably haven’t heard of, but definitely should try. Each food on our list can be prepared and used in a variety of different ways. By adding just 12 more foods to your grocery list, you’ll find that suddenly you have dozens of options for entrees, side dishes, snacks, and even desserts.
For example, if one of your favorite side dish recipes is a classic sweet potato casserole, try using oca instead. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the even sweeter, incredibly delicious flavor.
Or maybe your go-to healthy snack is an apple. Instead of a Granny Smith or Red Delicious, try cherimoya. Even Mark Twain himself called the fruit “deliciousness itself.” It’s hard to resist goodness like that!
Go ahead and treat yourself to some new health foods this week. Your taste buds will thank you.
Odd Healthy Foods
Infographic Source: https://www.mealdeliveryexperts.com/unusual-healthy-food-to-try/

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