2016: An Election of Surprises

When you hear the words politics and history, your eyes may automatically want to glaze over. But if anything is true, it’s that both history and politics are filled with unexpected surprises and outcomes. Right now, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are squaring off in their campaigns to become the next President of the United States. Each has their own unique stances surrounding immigration, healthcare, foreign policy, human rates, the U.S. economy, etc. Whoever wins will directly represent and help run the country for the next four years. It’s a time of high stakes and political opinions. Despite all of this, only one person will win the election in November. The winner may surprises us all. But keep in mind that regardless of the outcome, our history is filled with surprises—both about presidential candidates and our presidents, before and after their campaigns.  Check out this infographic to learn a startling thing or two. It’s interesting to see information about the people who have led this nation.
Infographic Source: http://www.homesecurityteam.com/political-infographic

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