Effective Tricks for Keeping Air Conditioning Bills Low

According to research heating and cooling systems are responsible for approximately 54% of your utility bill. This astounding shouldn’t make you consider switching off the air con anytime soon since we’ve got a perfect strategy to help you keep warm or cool without spending a fortune.

As the infographic suggests, one of the most effective ways of curbing air conditioning costs is to upgrade your AC. It goes without saying that modern air con equipment is programmed to go off whenever your house is empty, or the room doesn’t need heating or cooling. It also adjusts accordingly, without any human intervention, based on the level of heating or cooling required to retain a favorable temperature. On average, a smart air conditioning device will save you about 35% of the heating and cooling costs.

A simple act of turning your thermostat up or down by one degree in a month can save you a considerable amount in energy bills. If you’ve got a smart thermostat, these adjustments will be made automatically. These programmable thermostats are not only user-friendly but also learn your habits and adjust temperatures to suit them.

One final thing that needs to be followed rather religiously is to understand the seasons and adjust the temperatures accordingly. For example, during the summer, let the house warm more than normal and then begin cooling it when you’ve arrived at home. Also, let the ceiling fan do most of the cooling. On the other hand, lower the temperature setting on the thermostat on sleep time during winter as the bed covers will do the rest of the heating.


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