Benefits of Employee Time Tracking Software

Employees tend to underestimate their time spent on a task or project, which undervalues the amount of work they do and can possibly cost your business money. Research shows that when reporting worked hours at the end of the month, companies incurred a 30% profit loss due to incorrect employee time tracking. Time tracking software, such as 360e, provides your company with accurate values for labor, improved employee time management, improved accuracy on invoices, and real time progress tracking. Check out our infographic which shares statistics on the benefits of using time tracking software!Time Tracking Software
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  1. Thanks for the info! You need to make sure that you are managing your time and tasks well to ensure your productivity especially when your working online. Using web-based time tracking tools is an effective way to make sure that you are handling your time well. Websites like can help you find the best time tracking tool for your projects.

  2. Great infographic, thanks! This kind of software is really useful when you’re fed up with wasting time for unnecessary things. Based on my own experience I increased my experience by 45% which was a great success.

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