Boost Sales by Responding to New Market Realities

In today’s marketing reality, buyers have more control than ever before and B2B brands must address and respond to three critical truths including stealth buying behavior, ubiquitous technology and sales and marketing fusion. Buyers are much more elusive than ever before and the technology they are using to make their decisions challenge brands. Today’s buyers are anywhere from 66% to 90% of the way through their journey before even reaching out to a potential vendor. Therefore, it’s important to understand the buyer and provide content to drive their buying decisions. Through the integration of ubiquitous technology, companies are able to put data in the center of marketing and sales decisions. Last, but not least, is the integration of sales and marketing to drive business impact. When sales and marketing work together, sales cycles are shorter, market-entry costs are down and the cost of sales is lower (Phil Kotler, Northwestern University Professor of International Marketing).Boost Sales
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