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Can E Mail Marketing Really Help Your Small Business?

Although advertising when you are a small business should be considered, it is often expensive and something that budgets do not stretch to. It can easily become a catch 22 situation because you need to bring in work by advertising but because you don’t have the work coming in you can’t afford to advertise. Rather than give up on the …

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Reasons To Use Video Conferencing

Travel costs are only ever rising these days. Travelling, even if a short distance, can truly be a pain. In a world that is becoming more and more busy, finding not only the time, but the willingness to have to leave your family behind for a weekend or a week can be very daunting. Conferences have never really been enjoyable. …

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Evolution Of The Toilet

The toilet started out as something that was not a toilet at all. People used to squat on the street or in basins in their homes. There was no sewage system, and there was no way to keep the streets and houses clean. When the municipal water system was invented, it was designed only to provide water to homes in …

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Computer Virus Myths And Realities That Everyone Needs To Know

It can certainly cause panic. Starting your computer to find that it’s been infected with a virus. And while you may have an anti-virus program installed on your computer, this may only be half the battle where it comes to preventing your system from getting a virus. In fact, just a simple misunderstanding about where your computer acquired a virus …

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The Importance of Criminal Defense in Our Country

I would like to thank everyone for this opportunity to speak about something that is close to my heart. Criminal law in our country is fraught with loopholes and challenges. Having a run-in with the law does not take much these days; and if you or a loved one has ever been in such a situation, you know how heart-breaking …

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