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Foot Drop Following a Stroke? 5 Treatment Options


A recent study showed that approximately 80% of stroke patients suffer from foot drop following a stroke, feeling uneasiness or instability, and decreased balance. Foot drop can result in an inability to walk and is often the result of brain stem nerves or spinal cord damage. Depending on the individual patient’s needs, various treatment options are available for foot drop. …

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What Constitutes a Household Good in Bankruptcy?


In the world of consumer bankruptcy, everything revolves around your household. Everything you own is part of your ‘household’ as a creditor will look to claim any excess disposable income. Therefore, understanding the things that constitute a household good in bankruptcy can help you stay out of trouble and also help you keep track of your finances efficiently. Clothing and …

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Beginner’s Guide to the SharePoint Scheduling App


The SharePoint scheduling app is basically an online calendar that can be accessed in the form of an app. SharePoint is a collaborative website designed by Microsoft for business. It has several apps and capabilities to help teams schedule tasks and collaborate in real time. To enjoy the SharePoint scheduling app, you need to know how to create a SharePoint …

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5 Reasons Men Need to Prioritize Their Health


A healthy lifestyle is critical for both physical and mental health. How you feel from the inside and out significantly impacts how much you appreciate life, which may reflect how you treat others. Men frequently neglect their health and place a low priority on caring for themselves. Often the repercussions of not taking care of oneself are detrimental and may …

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5 Ways to Close More Business Deals


Establishing your business is only the first step in creating a success story. You have to build a solid foundation that will help you to continue to expand. You may have started small. That doesn’t mean you should accept the status quo. Set the bar high when you hire staff. Only accept excellence when it comes to producing your unique …

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When AC Repair is Required?


There may be a concern that an AC Repair is required when there is a problem with the central air system. But delaying an air conditioner repair is a bad decision. Not all issues call for a complete air conditioning repair. You can solve a lot of smaller issues at home. You probably require an air conditioner repair if you …

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5 Tips to Help Increase Healthcare Patient Assistance in 2022


If you are involved in the medical field, you probably consider your patients to be the most important part of your business and work. It is probably important to you to assist and care for patients as well as possible. You might feel as if you and your staff members do a pretty good job of providing patients with proper …

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What is Affiliate Marketing and How Does it Work?


Technological advancements have greatly transformed the marketing industry. The internet has proved to be a great place for advertising and selling goods. More and more businesses continue to set up their operations over the internet. This has led to increased competition for customers. What will set you apart is your marketing strategies such as affiliate marketing. Affiliate Marketing? What is …

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5 Benefits of Having Roadside Assistance as a Car Owner

Roadside Assistance Car tyre

No matter how good of a driver you are, you can always find yourself in a situation where you need assistance. Luckily, some services will help you if your vehicle breaks down or gets in an accident. This service can be very beneficial whether it is because your car broke down or someone hit your vehicle. Below are some reasons …

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Is Car Detailing Worth the Cost?

Car Detailing

There is no doubt that car detailing can make your vehicle look great. But is it worth the cost? That depends on several factors, including how often you drive and how dirty your car gets. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at car detailing and discuss whether or not it is worth the price. What is …

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