Cell Phone Addiction Statistics & Phone Usage Facts

Smartphones and the consumption of information have become incredibly important and addictive in many parts of everyday life.
This infographic sent to us by BankMyCell illustrates the cultural shift towards smartphones and personal devices, and how they deliver an endless stream of information which can negatively impact us psychologically. It has also been linked to increased anxiety and stress, a lack of concentration and sleep, and negative self-esteem. In many circles, people are recognizing this as cell phone addiction.
Smartphone use
The average device user will check their phone up to 47 times per day. That’s 17,155 times a year! A huge 85% of users will actively check their smartphone while in conversation with others.
Bedtime habits
Up to 80% of users look at their smartphone within the first 60 minutes of waking up or just before sleeping. Of these people, 35% do so in just five minutes.
Breaking the habit
47% of users have tried to limit smartphone use before, with only 30% saying they had success.
Phone usage survey data
The average time spent on smartphones is 171 minutes a day. If you add in a tablet, this increases to 261 minutes. The average cell user will tap, click or swipe at their device up to 2,617 times daily. They will also spend 76 minutes a day on the top five social media apps. For 18-29 year olds surveyed, 22% will check their phone every couple of minutes, while a massive 51% check a few times per hour.
Child cell phone addiction data
Teachers that were surveyed noticed very concerning trends in line with the rise of smartphone use; 67% say students are distracted negatively by smartphones and 90% say the amount of students with emotional challenges have increased.
Teens who spend five hours each day on smartphones are 71% more likely to experience suicidal risk factors than those with one hour’s use. There is also a 27% higher risk of depression if they heavily use social media apps. Teens that spend up to five hours a day on devices are 51% more likely to get under seven hours of sleep when compared to one hour’s use.
Of the parents and caregivers surveyed, 89% blame themselves for the responsibility of a child’s phone use while 47% believe their child is experiencing cell phone addiction.
Infographic Source Link: https://www.bankmycell.com/blog/smartphone-addiction/

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