The Role Player’s Guide to Choosing a Music Instrument

Fans of fantasy and role playing games are artists at heart, seeking magic through the adventures of the imagination.  They also tend to identify with specific classes and races in these RPG’s, which function as a sort of personal archetype upon which they will cast their new identity as they pursue this second life.
But, according to Ledger Note, each archetype has an associated music instrument that will inspire the fledgling musician to continue through with diligent practice and patience on the path towards mastery.
Like the level 1 character who must grind through the quests to rank up to the max level and tackle the end-game bosses, the aspiring musician has to pay his dues.  By practicing at home, playing small gigs, and recording his songs, he climbs the rankings to eventual stardom!
If you’re a fan of the RPG genre, then find the instrument on this infographic that’s right for you and get busy… it’s a long, but fruitful, journey.
Choosing a Music Instrument
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