The Reality And Solution Of College Plagiarism

With education evolving leaps and bounds into the technological age plagiarism is becoming easier and easier to do for students. What many do not know is that plagiarism can be achieved several different ways than just copying someone else’s work, you can be cited for plagiarizing someone’s work by failing to cite quotations, inaccurate citations, mixing sources without citing any, etc.

With that in mind, why do people plagiarize? Every circumstance is difference so someone may simply not know how to cite, not sure how to research, teachers don’t enforce ethical standards, or the worst of all that they intended to cheat. Below the University of Illinois at Chicago explain many of the consequences, and means of preventing further plagiarism.

How to Check Plagiarism?

Well, to Check Plagiarism, an online plagiarism checker can be used. These tools are available for free and detect Plagiarism in your text by comparing it with millions of databases. These databases include blog posts, news articles, and published papers.

College Plagiarism

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