Customer Anger Triggers and How to Diffuse Them

Being on technical support services can be challenging—to say the least. Appeasing a complaining client requires not only mastery of your company’s products and services, but also top-notch problem-resolution skills and the ability to maintain grace under pressure. Indeed, an irate customer is a regular scenario that constantly tests a technical support representative’s patience and professionalism.
Solving a problem for a client remotely is already hard enough, but solving a problem for a client who, more often than not, is emotional and tend to be rude takes the difficulty level up another notch. But, don’t let that faze you. Over time, you will develop more skills to help you manage similar situations better. As with everything, there’s a learning curve.
While you’re at it, though, it is wise that you are already continuously observing how these irate customers behave at the onset. So, watch out for signals that may tell you that the situation is about to blow up. And when it has blown up, pay attention to the customer’s attitude no matter the astounding number of expletives they may be spewing. This way, you can learn to control similar situations in the future.
Additionally, you will need empathy. A client’s complaint, no matter how rude the client has become, comes from a real place. Find out where that is. Remain calm, remember your training, and identify the problem to figure out what triggered your client. As that may be a challenge in itself, here’s an infographic by Transcosmos to guide you how to become a technical support wiz.
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