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Interesting Stats Regarding Electricians in the UK

Did you know the average UK electrician earns £32,315? How about that only 1% of UK electricians are female? Obviously, there is work to be done to encourage women into the profession! These are just a couple of the interesting statistics regarding electricians in the UK included in this infographic. Other topics which are covered include the employed vs self-employed …

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Electrical Safety Tips From Certified Electricians

Stay Safe From Common Electrical Hazards By Following Below Steps: Upgrade Your Old & Faulty Wiring with New One If you house construction has completed more than 40 years, then you should inspect your home’s wiring. Most of the wiring requires upgrade after 35 to 40 years. If you do not go with new wiring, it can result in fire …

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Managing Electricians in the Field: Tools to Help Them Succeed

Many are all too familiar with a bad service call experience with an electrician.  Whether it was faulty scheduling or unforeseen interruptions, things do not always go according to plan. Though not everything is avoidable, 360e is working to eliminate most of the human errors that occur within the electrical industry. Our all-in-one software tackles problems from changing work orders …

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