Is a Well-Planned Employee Retention Strategy a Solution to Reduce Employee Turnover?

How do you feel about high employee turnover in your organization? What are the chances that an employee retention program would reduce the turnover rate by half? Implementing an employee retention strategy and program can help you answers these questions.
Employee turnover adversely affects a company’s bottom line. A lot of time, effort and money goes into finding a perfect replacement and then training them. With the varying economy and talent crunch, employee retention rates seem to get worse with each passing day. Every organization is facing consequences of poor retention programs, and paying a heavy price by losing top talent.
Employee turnover can be reduced by improving overall employees’ experience at workplace. The entire work environment, including people, policies, rules and regulations, culture, etc., needs to be improved to retain top talent. This infographic suggests 7 common employee retention tips that may be useful. Give it a quick read to understand reasons of employee turnover and ways to increase retention.
Employee Retention Strategy
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