Enterprise Storage Options: On-Premise vs. Cloud

It can be difficult for businesses to choose between on-premise and cloud storage, so this infographic is here to help! This infographic breaks down the pros and cons of these two storage options, including the cost, time, and space needed to maintain the two. With this infographic, the information you need is easy to see and read to help you make the best choice. A third option, hybrid cloud storage, is also presented. The hybrid cloud can be the “best of both worlds” for people who like aspects of both on-premise and cloud storage, and is growing in popularity.
Regardless of whether you are looking for a new storage system or just interested in on-premise vs. cloud technology, we hope you find this infographic informative, and that it helps explain the complicated technical considerations behind on-premise and cloud storage systems, as well as making you aware of the hybrid cloud option.on-premise-vs-cloud-storage

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