HSE Fatal Injury Statistics 2014/15

Great Britain’s health and safety executive have published their 2014/15 annual statistics on the quantity of deaths documented in the workplace.

Per one hundred thousand workers, there were 0.46 deaths in 14/15 which corresponds to a figure of 142 fatally injured workers.

The 5-year average rate of 0.53 compaes to the latest rate of deaths of 0.46. For the past five years the figure of 142 worker fatalities in 2014/15 is 9% lower than the average of 156.

Not all fatalities in the workplace were staff, therefore, this infographic splits the overall number of fatal injuries by workers and the general public.

The graphic reveals that the most dangerous sectors are ‘services’, agriculture and construction.

The majority of deaths occur in the north-west and south-west of England or in Scotland where hard physical work is more frequent than in other parts of the United Kingdom.

The most unsafe place to work in Europe is Latvia with 4.70 fatalities per 100,00 workers, inversely the United Kingdom has a fatality rate of just 0.58 per 100,000 employees.Fatal-Injuries-2015

Infographic source : http://bryan-armstrong.com/infographics/hse-fatal-injury-statistics-2014-2015/

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