Glaucoma: Types, Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

If you are experiencing some health issues like seeing halos and glares around the lights, or is there a sudden vision loss, or a severe headache and pain in your eyes. Then you could be possibly suffering from a severe eye disorder, called Glaucoma.
There are various factors which can damage your eyes and can gradually lead to vision loss like overuse of electronic gadgets, laptops, and computers nowadays. Furthermore, direct exposure to UV rays, harmful air components, not eating a well-balanced diet, not wearing sunglasses, overuse of eye-drops.
A well-balanced diet, exercise, no smoking and a regular checkup from the ophthalmologist or opticians in Essex is highly recommended preserving a healthy eyesight. Usually, people do not follow these things which results in permanent eye damage or eyesight. Glaucoma symptoms are not easy to ascertain, unfortunately it is often diagnosed in the later stage due to which the patient remains unaware as it occurs due to several reasons.
The infographic shared here gives a detailed insight into the Glaucoma, its causes, and treatments available.
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