Top Health Benefits of Go Karting

There are many reasons to try go karting; not least the fact that it’s entertaining and fun for people of all ages. It is also competitive, exciting, and it can even help build bonds and strengthen relationships or enable you to meet and compete with like-minded people. One of the more surprising reasons to have a go behind the wheel of a go-kart at a well designed track is that it actually offers a number of health benefits to the karter too.
Go karting, like many motorsports, is described as being an adrenaline packed activity. The adrenal gland in the body secretes a hormone called adrenaline when it senses potential danger. It is closely associated with the fight-or-flight response system, and while go karting is not a life or death activity, with high class barrier safety and track safety systems in place, it still causes the body to create adrenaline and to initiate the fight-or-flight response.
Adrenaline sharpens the senses and heightens alertness. It means that we make quicker decisions and senses like sight, and reflexes, are improved. It also means that the heart rate increases, which pushes oxygenated blood around the body and into organs and cells. The body needs oxygenated blood and many people crave adrenaline for this reason. The Top Health Benefits of Go Karting infographic from Capital Karts provides a list of these and other health benefits that you can enjoy when you get behind the wheel and have a go at go karting.Health Benefits of Go Karting
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