Honest guide to choose an Search Engine Optimization company

Search engine optimization or SEO is the part of Digital Marketing which help your website to rank higher on various search engines like google, bing and yahoo. If you are a start-up then it’s important for you to know that how you can use SEO techniques on your website so that your website will rank higher and get popular online.

SEO Webmaster use various ON-PAGE and OFF-PAGE SEO techniques on your website so that it will help you to generate leads online. There are various SEO companies in India those are providing affordable SEO services in Toronto, Sydney, Melbourne etc. Have you ever try to think that why it’s important to get your website on higher rank? well, it is because according to a research people buy products from top five websites and if your website is not into five on search engines then its very tough for you to generate an online lead.


Though SEO professionals try to give their best to rank their clients website. But still, not every SEO professionals will help you genuinely. So there are some key points which are very important for you to consider while you choosing an SEO company.

Here are some points to consider while selecting an SEO company for your website.

  1. Target Area: Its always best if you know that which type of customer you want to target online. If you have any confusion then a good SEO company will definitely guide you that according to your products and services which type of customers you can target online.
  2. Transparency: Its a very important thing to consider because if you choose an SEO company, it’s their responsibility that they should be transparent with you. In a monthly report, they should share that on which sites they are putting your website links. Whether the DA-PA of the sites is good or not. It will help you to know that whether doing so of your website helping you or not.
  3. Contents: Make sure you are clear with a set company that whether they are writing contents for your website themselves or freelancing, or the quality of contents is good or not. In SEO, the quality of contents is really important, if the content is not good it will be tough for you attract the customer towards your website.
  4. SEO company: You can also see that from how long a particular SEO company offering their services and on which rank their website is on search engines. From this, you can analyze the popularity of the particular SEO company and you can decide whether to choose the SEO company for your website or not.
  5. Follow guidelines: To follow search engine guidelines is also important. Always choose SEO companies those implement White Hat SEO only. White hat SEO is when you follow google guidelines when you don’t follow its guidelines its called as black hat SEO.

However you can also choose SEO company if someone recommend you, but in any case you can ask these questions so that you can choose a genuine SEO company.

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