How Light Affects Productivity and Mood

You’ve probably heard that color affects how you feel and the energy of a room. But did you know that light quality can have some of the same influence on people and their surroundings—especially at the workplace?
Start with the light level—bright or dim light influences mood and sleep, among other things. Used poorly at the office, light can have a startling effect on things like headaches and eye strain. And the fact is that most of our workplaces are over-lit by artificial light, and lacking in daylight. We don’t have varying levels of light at the office, which is what we need in order to be our most productive and happy. Better light also improves alertness and mental health.
Fortunately, there are simple ways that workplaces and employees can improve light, and therefore improve the work situation. Offering multiple sources of light is one option. So, too, are swapping certain types of bulbs, as well as their color and intensity.
Learn more about what light can do at the office and how to fix it for everyone’s health with this graphic.Light Affects
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