How Social Media Management Software has improved customer care

The need to increase customer satisfaction using social media platforms has led to the emergence of social media management software. It is growing rapidly such that the business market is expected to hit 37 billion by 2019. So far, the leading SMMS software includes Sprinklr, Hootsuite, Spredfast, and Sproutsocial among others. They have benefited organizations in the following ways;

They are effective

The users of SMMS can agree that it is more effective to buy social media tools from the same vendor. 61% of these users say that the tools are useful when it comes to social media management as they make all tasks easy and fast to tackle with. Once customer care representatives have been trained on how to use them, their job becomes easy and they become more effective.

Increase in customer satisfaction

From Website Builders, the software aid in fast and efficient methods of dealing with customers on social media, and there is increased customer satisfaction. Brands can now build relationships with their clients through mobile CRM. This has been found to increase customer satisfaction by 74%.

Increase in the number of leads

The software helps some brands in increasing the number of leads to their sites using social media. For example, helped to increase the number of leads following Apigee on Twitter by 50%. This helped to lead more customers to this brand, and it has since increased the sales of its products due to the publicity it received.

Use of SMMS has become popular in industries like the airlines’ industry, finance, and telecom industries. In the airlines’ industry, for example, 76.4% use Facebook while 56.3% use Twitter. That shows how the innovation is becoming popular.

Benefits Of Social Media Management Software

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