How to Become a Software Engineer in 5 Stages

Interested in a career in software? One of the fastest growing and most popular positions is that of “Software Engineer”. With an average entry level salary of $72,000 a year, and rewarding job responsibilities, it’s no wonder so many are flocking to this field.
Don’t have any coding experience or a college degree? Don’t worry! The team at MakerSquare put together this infographic to teach you how to get from “Know nothing” to “Professional” no matter your experience.
There are many options to becoming a professional software engineer. You can teach yourself the basics, or you can take a class. And for more advanced knowledge, you can attend a university, or enroll in a much a shorter coding school.
But which option is right for you? Should you attend college or a coding school? Should you hire a career coach? This infographic explores the pros and cons between each option, ensuring you make the right decision to most maximize your career successhow to become software engineer

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