How to Sell on Instagram

While user-generated content has grown to be a popular marketing medium for brands and businesses, there is a big difference in how marketers utilize the different social networks. It therefore pays to take a close look into the dynamics of how user-generated content (UGC) plays a part in customer engagement.
For example, Instagram used to be a less-than-ideal medium due to its lack of click through traffic. Thus, marketers chose to overlook the image-oriented platform. However, recent research by UGC marketing company Yotpo found that 83 percent of potential e-commerce customers are more likely to take a look at a brand if a friend endorsed it on Instagram.
The study also found that traffic from Instagram resulted in improved customer engagement. The primarily image-driven platform’s users have 17 percent higher engagement levels than YouTube users, and almost double compared with Facebook users.
Marketers will need to ensure their efforts are focused, though. In an AB test run by an ecommerce merchant through the Yotpo Instagram Curation feature, sales conversions grew 24 percent after embedding user-generated images on the product pages.
How to Sell on Instagram
You can check out more details on an infographic based on data and internal research conducted by Yotpo:

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