Watch Out For Top Six HR Trends in 2017

Every year human resource experts predict HR trends based on hundreds of online surveys, researches and global conversations.

In 2016, human resource professionals saw a lot of variations in popular HR practices, including feedback-based performance management, growing dependency on people analytics, popularity of social recruitment techniques, and more.

Definitely, HR technology is playing a vital role in accelerating this shift, from manual HR process to automated functioning, and from existing online human resource management systems to even more upgraded systems.

Believe it, we are standing at a pivotal position where HR surely need to integrate advanced technology with human practices to create better workplaces, develop highly competitive workforce and improve employee experience.

As we are going to enter in 2017, we need to rethink and recreate some of the common human resource practices make work life better and generate better business results. Go through this list of few important HR trends that may empower the way you manage your HR functions and employees.

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