The Importance Of Reefer Containers for the Conservation of Perishable Foods

Have you ever stop to think how perishable foods that can spoil easily like vegetables, fruits, dairy products, fish or meat can reach your table practically farm fresh from wide across the globe? The answer is simple, companies use Refrigerated Containers. These steel-lined, heavy-duty marine containers are designed to keep perishable goods at their perfect conservation temperature (either frozen or chilled).
This infographic explains the importance and the main advantages of Portable Container Refrigeration Units also known as Reefer Containers for the conservation of perishable foods as well as their ideal storage temperature conservation. It’s crucial to take into consideration that different products have different cold storage temperatures needs. Fruits, vegetables, dairy products, fish, seafood, meat, they all have different optimal temperatures. So, it is crucial to change the storage room temperature according to the type and variety of produce you are storing. Propper temperature control is the most important factor in maintaining the quality of perishable commodities.
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