Internet Marketing Lead Generation Ecosystem

If you’ve been doing lead generation for any length of time, you know it’s a rather complicated and, at times, confusing enterprise. This is why Straight North, a PPC management firm headquartered in Chicago, developed the infographic you see below, the Lead Generation Ecosystem. Originally created as an internal training tool, it proved so effective we decided to present it to the public in hopes of helping companies spot weaknesses in their online marketing campaign structures.
In particular, look for missing pieces to your campaigns. For instance:

  •  Are you tracking phone calls as well as form submissions (look below the COMPANY WEBSITE)? If not, you won’t know where some of your best leads came from, and thus won’t know which of your campaigns, keywords, etc., are producing results.
  • Are you validating leads (lower right area)? Lead validation is the manual process of separating sales leads from non-lead conversions. This is also critical, since as many as half of online conversions are something other than leads. Without accurate lead data, reporting and conversion optimization are thrown way off.

We hope this infographic helps you tune up your lead generation marketing and start capturing more leads as soon as possible!
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