Yoga Positions Mom and Kids Could Try Together

Yoga is a popular fitness exercise which includes controlled breathing, meditating, and poses or posture that is used for relaxation that promotes good health.

The poses they made in yoga are called “asana” (to seat). From the history asana was only a meditation in sitting position for a long period of time and then the poses were added as time goes by. Yoga is not just stretching your body, the position you made here also releases your “nadis” (energy channels) and your “chakra” (psychic center of the human body). – leading resource of after school activities in Dubai, created an infographic that can be used as a guide for your family yoga sessions:

Yoga Positions Mom and Kids

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  1. Yoga is the best exercise for all kids which can help to reduce stress and makes kids memory power strong, effective way to energize the human body. All best doctors suggest this activity which can help you with mind & body relaxation.

  2. Waaoo!! I am really impressed with your infographic

  3. I agree. Great post. Awesome visual

  4. Great Post. Keep up the great work.

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