The Most Searched Type Of Jewellry On Google

Using analytical feedback from the leading SERP, Google, we have collated the types of jewellery people most often search for, below. This data has been rounded to the nearest 1,000 for the purposes of clarity.

As you can see from the figures above, there were a few surprises in there. For example, that there were 12,000 searches for pendants. With 7,000 people searching for gold pendants, and 4,000 searching for diamond pendants, this proves that people buy pendants and chains separately, perhaps more often than previously assumed.

Engagement rings are another popular category. As we can tell from the pie chart, the largest portion of people spending on rings, spent on engagement rings. 30% of all jewellery bought, in fact. Almost a full third. Surprisingly, wedding ring spends are only a third of this, proving that not all relationships make it to the alter.

The category of spending for a loved one has some interest on its own. Where categories such as bracelets, bangles, and eternity rings have less searches for diamond jewellery and more for gold, some sections do favour diamonds.

There are many more searches for diamond earrings than for gold earrings, for example. There were an impressive 49.500 searches for diamond rings compared to only 40,000 for gold.

What can be determined from the results? Arguably, jewellery that is gifted in association with love comes with a search preference for diamonds. With the exception of the traditional solid wedding bands and eternity rings, diamond jewellery associated with marriage is the preference among these users.

Most Searched Type Of Jewellry On Google

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