The Periodic Table of Link-Building

Indago Digital’s Periodic Table of Link Acquisition provides an overview of the current link building tactics used in the digital marketing industry.

You may recognise this visual guide – from the traditional periodic table – but this carries a twist in that it is designed to help online marketers and content specialists understand the significance of each element of link-building.

Systematic link-building – the actions of manually submitting links on a mass-scale.

Link-building – exploring options for working with influencers and communities online.

Link-earning – acquiring a high-tier coverage in news publications with a bonus of a back-link.

Understanding the table is easy, each factor is allocated a two-letter, symbol – almost like a periodic-table element. The first character categorises the tactic by type, for e.g., P for ‘Paid’. The second character identifies the tactic employed, for e.g., B for ‘Blogging’.

Find out more about link-building strategies and the many benefits it has for SEO results at the Indago Digital website.Periodic_table_Indago_detailed
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