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When it comes to spending your hard earned money on advertising, obviously you want to get the best bang for your buck. That’s just simple economics. However, the trouble comes when you have to figure out where to advertise: where will you get the best return? Well, Facebook is the obvious first choice. The social media giant boasts 1.7 billion mobile users, accounting for roughly 55% of it’s total traffic. The site also sees about 73 billion likes given out in a month by it’s staggering user base, and 1.35 trillion messages sent on it’s Messenger app, according to Coupon Machine, a real time info graphics web traffic tracker. A smart business person would start with Facebook before moving on to the other social media communities. Perhaps you could incorporate the ‘reactions’ as a sort of ‘Which do you prefer” type of question?
Twitter is another such social media community to look at. With a user base of roughly 400 million people, it’s a great place for businesses to target. A business could take advantage of the hashtag phenomenon; maybe start an advertising campaign based around tweeting using a specific hashtag? That way you’re getting the customers and potential future customers to spread the word about your business, as well as getting interaction with them. You could be a part of the 12 billion tweets sent out every month, as reported by Coupon Machine’s real time data chart.
Snapchat is another app to target, with far less overhead. According to Coupon Machine, Snapchat sees 23 billion photos and videos shared every month. Why not take your brand there? Post often to your Story, and invite users to screenshot options as a sort of ‘voting’ apparatus? It creates incredible interaction with the fans, who now feel like they’re helping guide your business. It’s a powerful thing to have the customers on your side. Or with instagram, one of the most popular photo sharing applications on mobile devices. With over 2 billion photos uploaded to the app every month, it also has a huge user base.
YouTube is another great place to work with, as it is one of the most flexible, and one of the most active, boasting 3 billion hours of video watched every month. A brand could create a YouTube channel, then create original videos to share with it’s customer base. These videos could be shared across Facebook and twitter, with a more personalized message to go watch the video sent out on Snapchat. The basic idea is to get all your social media channels working together as one cohesive unit. realtime-couponmachine
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