The Rising Cost of Repairing Your iPhone

The cost of buying a brand-new smartphone has skyrocketed in recent years, with the iPhone X being the most expensive of its type at a retail price of £999 – and this doesn’t look set to change, with new, more expensive, devices being announced annually. Unfortunately, the greater the cost of the smartphone, the greater the cost of repair, and with new phones containing a plethora of innovative tech and features, you can expect to be out of pocket should the worst happen.
To give consumers a clear understanding of how much they could potentially be paying out if they break a brand-new smartphone – and don’t have it covered with some form of phone insurance –we’ve put this helpful infographic. With this, phone users can clearly see how much the price of repairing a broken iPhone has gone up with each new model, ranging from the iPhone 5 to afore mentioned X. To make things even easier, we’ve broken the repairs into separate categories, such as broken screens or mechanical breakdown, to give an even clearer indication of how much a total repair could cost.
Rising Cost of Repairing Your iPhone
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