Things to keep in mind while adding SEO keywords in your Company Blog

Starting a blog is easy; what is hard though, is to maintain the blog and to rank it high on the first page of search engines like Google. There are plenty of ways using which you can rank your content high on search engine results pages, and the best way is by adding SEO value to your content.

The oldest and the simplest way of making your content SEO friendly, is by using related and targeted keywords. This technique has been in use since the very beginning of digital marketing, and although the technique has gone through a few changes, it is still in use and popular. One thing that needs to be kept in mind is that proper use of keywords is not easy. Resultantly, not many can improve their website’s search engine ranking.


Immediately after the concept of keywords came, people used to incorporate them everywhere, in every piece of content. However, the process has changed now and more efficient ways are being used to add keywords to contents.

Inserting proper keywords in proper places adds extreme SEO value to contents like blog, which eventually helps you improve your site’s Google ranking. However, the use of keywords should not be reckless and should be in compliance with certain rules and regulations.

Here are a few things you should keep in mind while adding SEO keywords to your content –

  • The Contents Do Not Drive The Keywords, Rather It Is The Other Way Around – The very first thing you need to keep in mind is that it’s not the content that decides the keywords; it’s the keywords that decide the content. You will have to come up with your keywords even before you start writing your content. Your keywords will guide you in the selection of your topics, and the structure of your content.
  • Keywords Tell A Lot About Your Readers– The motive behind the use of keyword is to target a particular group of audience or readers. If a lady is searching for “Weight loss tips,” it means she is seeking help for her weight loss program and if your content is related to weight loss, using keywords linked to weight loss will help.
  • Where To Use Keyword – There are a few places in a content you need to use keywords for better results. They can be –
  • In the headline.
  • In the Body Text.
  • In the URL.
  • In the Meta Description.

The proper use of keywords allows the flow of content to be smooth, and people will love to read it. But keywords should be used in a way that they don’t make the content look out of place or absurd. Besides, the content should ful fil the reader’s requirements and should have informative value. It should not plainly be a keyword studded boring text.

SEO companies help their clients with various SEO strategies. Therefore, if you are unable to figure out what keywords to use in your content or how to use them, then taking professional assistance will be of help. If you live in Jaipur, you can opt for any of the SEO services in Jaipur for proper SEO optimization of your content.

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