15 SEO Mistakes That Can Cost You Search Engine Rankings

SEO is challenging especially to new bloggers. There is heaps of information from various SEO experts on SEO tips, link building strategies and so on. One vital piece of information new bloggers do not get or look for is what not to do interms of SEO.
What is bad SEO practise? What to avoid? What will search engines like Google penalize you for?
This piece of information is very time critical; if you don’t know this at the start of your blogging or SEO journey you may be in for a nasty surprise. Here is a simple infographic with SEO mistakes to avoid.
The best of tips are useless unless implimented. So do take note and make it a habbit to stay clear of black hat SEO practises. Search engine bots are getting smarter and evolving constantly; sooner or later bad practises will be punished. Avoid these SEO mistakes at any cost and make sure you stay in the right side of search engines.
SEO Mistakes to Avoid

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