The Social Media Habits and Usage of Each Generation

If you’re looking to promote your business to a broader audience, then social media is a gold mine for you.
Social media is a vast place, with many different platforms that cater to specific audience groups. How do you know where and when to start mining the “”gold”” a.k.a. the attention of your target market?
It all starts with knowing who your target market is, and what generation they’re part of. Are they mainly composed of millennials and young professionals with a lot of disposable income? Or are you looking to attract baby boomers who are more conservative with their financial decisions?
This is because different generations use social media differently. For example, did you know that on average, millennials prefer Facebook over YouTube? Then it makes sense that if you want to attract more millennials to your brand, you’ll post more status updates on Facebook instead of creating YouTube videos.
What if you’re selling to various generations? Check out this infographic to learn the social media habits of each one and optimize your strategies for your business.
Social Media Habits and Usage of Each Generation

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