Drunk Driving vs Driving High

Every day in the USA 28 people on average die in car crashes involving a drunk driver. That’s why it is important to take driving very seriously, and not to drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Since Canada has begun the process of legalizing marijuana the question of regulating driving while high has been in the air. The new just launched Task Force will be working on Canada’s new drug policy and regulations. But until then, the substance is still illegal. Canada can learn a lot from Colorado and Washington when it comes to regulating driving under the influence of marijuana.  These two US states have just recently legalized marijuana for non-medical use and among other things, in some way or another, have regulated driving under the influence of cannabis. This informative infographic shows how the alcohol and THC level is measured, when and how a person can be charged with DUI and some interesting statisticsDrunk Driving
Visual Source: http://omqlaw.ca/criminal-law/drinking-and-driving-related-offences/

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