Spy Vs Hacker

Spy software and hacking virus are not the same thing. Spy software is used for the purpose of monitoring user activities. This software do not use virus like hackers do. Hackers use the strongest virus most of the time when they want to hack the information of an user.
Hackers hack all the personal information present on the computer and other devices of the user. They use this data to their own personal gain and misuse the information after hacking. Spy software are used by the people who are considerate towards their loved ones. These spy software allow them to see the activities on users of devices.
Rich and influential people are the main target of hackers as their credit card information is very beneficial for the hacker. They also infect the state owned institutions’ information. Spy software also monitor the work performances of their employees without interference in their work. Hackers are very dangerous for the user who uses internet connection, as hackers obtain all the secret information present on the device.
According to U.S. law, and cyber crime act, hacking is a punishable offense as the use of hacking virus is not legal. Meanwhile spy software usage is allowed according to the law.Spy Vs Hacker
Infographic Source : https://www.theonespy.com/spy-vs-hackers/

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