10 Shocking Statistics About Online Dangers for Kids

This infographic details findings from a number of recent studies about dangers on the internet – most particularly for children.
Our kids today face things we never even imagined in previous generations. Cyber bullying, pornography, hate speech and other inappropriate content, sexual predators, privacy leaks and computer viruses. It’s all pouring right into our homes via computers and other online devices.
Criminals and predators are targeting vulnerabilities to get what they want. To steal and to harm.
And yet, many parents do not take adequate precautions to keep their family safe online. Many still do not have parental control software for web filtering. And others have not been educated in the signs of changes to look for in our children when they are encountering these pressures.
It’s our hope that the 10 frightening statistics presented in this infographic may cause an awakening that will spur parents to get educated about the problems, and to act.
Statistics About Online Dangers for Kids

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