6 Strategies to Drive Mobile App Engagement

Business in mobile app today are struggling. This is due to high rate of user who abandon app after one use. Studies confirmed that the percentage of user who abandon app after one use is rising these pas years. In 2014, the percentage of user who abandon app after one usage is twenty percent. In 2016, however, the percentage of user who abandon app after one use is twenty three percent. This indicates that many consumers are attracted to an app, but lose their interest after try it once.
Besides app marketing, business in mobile app should consider app engagement. This is because number of downloads is no longer a defining factor that determine the success of mobile app. App marketing may attract people at the first time only, without further engagement. These are the strategies that mobile app industries should consider to drive the mobile app engagement.Mobile App Engagement
Infographic source: http://www.dotcominfoway.com/blog/6-strategies-drive-mobile-app-engagement/

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