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The Importance of a Responsive Website

Did you know that 61% of the population in the UK own a smartphone? South Korea (67%) and Australia (65%) also have a very high percentage of smartphone users. Not only do people own the latest smartphones and increasingly use apps, they like to perform everyday tasks like online shopping and dealing with emails on them. People also frequently use …

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3 significant benefits of responsive website design

The truth is that mobile phones, tablets, iPad and smartphone usage is increasing rapidly. This is because of its cost effectiveness, comfort, ease and convenience. As a matter of fact, mobile device usage has been closing digital divide that is present between the poor and the rich. It has become compulsory for every type of business to create mobile friendly …

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Responsive Web Design – How Does It Work

Responsive web design is the progress as per which not only the design but the development is bound to respond to user’s behavior and environment based on the orientation, screen size as well as platform. In other words, responsive web design is up-to-the-minute web design concept which respond exactly to every kind of device that accesses it while presenting appropriate …

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