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Videos for Each Stage of the Buyer’s Journey

People go through an internal journey before they finally make a decision to make a purchase. As a business owner or marketer, you need to be aware of the various stages that consumers go through before they make the final decision. These stages are called the buyer’s journey. From the customers’ point of view, there is a ton of research …

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Videos Give You Better Exposure Compared To Written Content

The population of a video has increased tremendously across the globe for a few years; now the animated videos are seen everywhere from television to social media to billboards; video format of advertisement is the most popular format these days to attract new customers to your business. Even the restaurant menu these days is presented in a video format. The …

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How To Embed YouTube Videos Into A PowerPoint Presentation

A recent statistic by Youtube claims that a whopping 300 hours of video footage is being uploaded every minute on the platform and almost 5 billion videos are being viewed every day. These staggering statistics show that we are creating and consuming video content at a rapidly increasing rate. It is also now common knowledge that visual aids are enhancements …

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