3 Major Reasons Why Web Design and Ad Agencies Need SEO Coaching

The infographic discusses 3 major reasons why web design and advertising agencies book SEO coaching’s. SEO, short for search engine optimization, is more important than ever today as the number of websites rises with quantum leaps, but the number of results on Google page 1 is limited. On the one hand companies want to achieve higher Google rankings for their websites, but many also want to offer SEO independently to their customers as a service.

Last but not least, SEO is ever changing and an SEO coaching is the most effective way to learn and instantly implement SEO, especially for beginners. A traditional SEO consulting normally only covers specific questions and mostly from clients with SEO experience. In SEO coaching even SEO newbies (for example employees without any SEO knowledge) are fully and comprehensively supported by the SEO coach and supervised until the goal is achieved.

An experienced SEO coach explains complicated terms in a simple way and get employees interested in the topic of SEO. For web design companies and ad agencies that don’t offer SEO yet, an SEO coaching that shows employees how to optimize websites on their own, is extremely valuable as they can offer SEO as a service afterwards.Why Web Design and Ad Agencies Need SEO Coaching

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