The Top 5 Reasons Why Sales Training Fails

Aside from the quality of the product/service that is offered to a customer, the way that it is offered also affects the customers’ decision to buy. In short, the performance of your salesforce matters, and you can help them improve it by conducting sales trainings.
Sales training programs are one of the best investments that you must make because it doesn’t only increase the morale of your sales force, it also increases the profitability of your business.
However, it doesn’t work in an instant. Instead, it is designed to gradually and continuously improve a company’s present status and achieve its long-term goals.
This misleading approach, along with other mistakes are the reasons why most sales training investments go to waste.
With that said, here are the key takeaways of the infographic from Healthy Business Builder which details the top five reasons why sales training fails

  1. Lack of specific target
  2. Lack of Buy-in
  3. Focusing solely on motivation
  4. Treating sales training as a one-off event
  5. Not performing evaluation and analysis

To learn more about the top five reasons why sales training fails, check out the infographic below:
Reasons Why Sales Training Fails
Infographic Source:

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